The Role Of Sabrina Vega Has Been Reopened!

Sabrina Vega | 18 | Senior | Single | Straight | Open

FC: Selena Gomez

Brini, or Brina, Vega is here at Brunswick Boarding School for one reason; her little brother, Flynn. After her parents sent her little brother to the boarding school, they thought he needed someone to look after him so they enrolled Sabrina too. She wasn’t too joyed about having to go to a new school for her senior year but she loves her little brother and will protect him no matter what. She doesn’t have the best relationship with her step mother, in fact she hates her. Sabrina has resented her ever since she married her dad after her mother passed away when she was only ten. She is very friendly and bright and loves nature. She’s extremely down to earth and normally calm and peaceful. But she can’t stand bratty self centered girls. When she comes to Brunswick she finds one of her old best friends had been sent there, her name is Belle Brooklyn. They grew up together but drifted apart when high school started. She’s quite feisty when it comes to boys hitting on her. She doesn’t play hard to get she is hard to get.

Based On: Snow White
Shipped With: Jason Tyler
Student Since: Senior Year

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