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Jason Tyler | 18 | Senior | Straight | Single | Open

FC: Justin Bieber

Jason Tyler is one of those good kids who just got caught up in a bad group. He grew up in a middle class family with a little sister and brother. When he was about fifteen his mother found out she was pregnant with her third child and his father wasn’t too joyed about it so one day he just left. Because of this, Jason’s mom had to work two jobs after the baby was born. Most weekends and everyday after school he was the one taking care of his siblings. His grades began to slip and he started finding a new group of friends who didn’t have the best influence on him. He started drinking and smoking marijuana. When he and his friends were caught smoking pot he was arrested but released to his mother and off he went to Brunswick Boarding School.

Jason is a down to earth guy who loves having fun and being with friends. He’s had many girlfriends but nothing serious. He breaks things off as soon as he starts to feel something real. This is his chance to start over but it’s his choice whether or not he’ll take it.

Based On: The prince from Snow White
Shipped With: Sabrina Vega
Previous Relationships: Jasmine Rashid
Student Since: Senior Year

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Alana Jackson | 16 | Sophomore | Single | Bicurios | Open

FC: Freya Mavor

Since Alana was 14 she always had a small problem with drinking, having an alcoholic father didn’t make it any better. Her father didn’t stop her from drinking and she didn’t have a mother to stop her. She left her family when she was two and her father always made her believe it was her fault. She had no one to look out for her. Until her aunt stepped into her life. Her aunt is a very strict woman, she believes that women were placed on earth to serve men. Something that made Alana even more than upset. Her aunt made Alana cook, wash clothes, expected her to be perfect, and the list goes on. Even though Alana didn’t do everything, she still went to party and got stoned, which made her hallucinate things. Her aunt was so disappointed of her and she forbade Alana to go out. One day her aunt found out about Brunswick boarding school and sent Alana there in no time.

Based on: Alice in wonderland
Student Since: Sophomore Year

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Christopher Moretti | 15 | Freshman | In a Relationship | Straight | Open

FC: Colin Ford

Chris Moretti has always been seen as ‘the bad guy’. He’s the stereotypical high school jock. He’s captain of the junior varsity basketball team, has all the friends, has a hot girlfriend that all the guys want, he has the looks, and all the girls fawn over him. Not to mention he’s a bit of a jerk. The one thing that the girls love most about him is his side smile, one look and you’ll be hooked. He is currently dating Tiffany Beldon but has his eyes set on Noah Daize. He really doesn’t get along with his roommate Peter, they’re just too different. While Chris does have his bad days, most of the time when he’s around true friends he’s actually quite nice.

His parents had him when they were 16. When Chris was still a baby his father abused his mother, neighbors continually asked about bruises and cuts on her. Soon after his third birthday, Chris’ father left them. Unable to cope with her husband leaving and having to  take care of a child on her own, Chris’ mother looked to drugs, partying, and alcohol to ease her pain. Chris was often left home alone or dumped off at his aunt’s house. One time his mother even locked him in a closet for a day while she went clubbing. By the age of ten he had learned to take care of himself and even cook. He was used to being alone, it was what his life consisted of until one day the child services showed up at his apartment. Someone gave them an anonymous tip that his mother was neglecting him. He went off to live with various foster homes until a family adopted him when he was twelve. They had about four other adoptive children who they only adopted because of the tax breaks. He lived in a small house and shared a room with other kids. He didn’t get along with his other ‘siblings’ very much. He was the black sheep of the kids. One day he got into a physical fight with one of the boys and ended up defining the kid in one ear from punching him so hard in the head. His adoptive parents didn’t know what to do with him so they sent him to Brunswick Boarding School.

Based On: Captain Hook (Peter Pan)
Ship: Tiffany Beldon/ Winnona Daize

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Parker Charm | 25 | Student Teacher | Single | Straight | Taken

FC: Zac Efron

Parker’s last name speaks for its self. All the girls love him, even though he’s not allowed to fraternize with students. He’s a fun teacher and is basically like another classmate to them. He even lets them call him by his first name. He is in his final year of college at Princeton university. Although he talks to all the students, he keeps it professional and doesn’t hang out with them outside of class. But when he sets his eyes on a students named Ella, he can’t help but feel a spark. But what’s so wrong with it? After all he’s not even a real teacher and she’s eighteen. But if they get caught his reputation could be ruined.

Based On: Prince Charming (Cinderella)
Ships: Arabella Cinelli
Teaches: Chemistry

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Jackson Evans | 17 | Junior | Single | Bisexual | Open

FC: Harry Styles

Jackson Evans was known to his close friends simply as Jack, to others he was only known as “that kid from school with the curly hair”. He’s not a shy kid, he’s not afraid to say what’s on his mind he just didn’t talk. Jackson spent most of his class time trying so hard to focus and learn something, unlike other kids his age he actually wants to learn. When Jack was about seven years old he was diagnosed with ADD and dyslexia. He was unable to focus during school and even when he started taking medication for his ADD it was still a struggle to read and do math. His parents even spent their hard earned money to pay for tutors to help him after school but none of them worked. Eventually Jackson’s father grew tired of paying for tutors and started to see him as nothing but a stupid disgrace and left the family when Jackson was ten. As a young boy Jack never really only had a handful of friends, barely. He spent most of his time studying and trying to do his best in school, he thought that if he was finally smart then his father would love him again. But his studying never paid off and his father never came back.

By the time he started attending junior high school Jackson started experimenting with alcohol, his mother never noticed since she was always at work trying to support the family. Around the time of high school he finally found a group of friends that really appreciated him they all shared the same passion; music. They even formed a band with a great sound but they broke up after a year when two of the band mates moved away. But the three remaining friends still stayed very close. They even started to become a little popular, everyone at school knew them but they never befriended them. Jackson even had a few girlfriends but nothing serious do to trust issues developed from when his father left. One night the three friends decided to sneak away from their houses to attend a wild party at their fellow classmate’s home. It was a wild party with drugs and sex and alcohol naturally Jackson was tempted by his peers and he soon gave in. He ditched Robby and Ben to smoke some weed in the garage but it was a huge mistake because later that night the police were called over and he was caught. His mother had to pick him up at a police precinct, he was let off the hook because it wasn’t his weed and it was his first offence. Jack’s mom wasn’t too surprised but she was still disappointed he even confessed that he had been doing drugs for a while and his mother was thrown off the edge. She felt like a horrible mother and that she wasn’t capable of taking care of him. So she sent him off to Brunswick boarding school hoping that the discipline will straighten him out.

His life was uprooted and brought to America away from his friends, his former friends that is. Robby and Ben had stopped talking to him after the party he felt betrayed by his closest friends, the only people he had ever trusted.

Based On: 1/3 of the Three Little Pigs

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Winona Daize | 15 | Freshman | Single | Straight | Open

FC: Kylie Jenner

Winona “Noah” Daize is one of the good girls at Brunswick High School. She hasn’t done anything bad or illegal for her parents to send her there. But her sister, Rebecca, has. Since her sister was already enrolled and Noah was starting her freshman year, her parents decided to enroll her too. Because of her sister, Noah is spending the next four years of high school with druggies and alcoholics. Her almost perfect life was uprooted in a matter of seconds. When she heard she was going to attend Brunswick Boarding School she had a huge fight with her sister and hasn’t spoken to her since. Noah is hyper and jumpy when she’s around her close friends but but very timid when it comes to people she doesn’t know well. She is pretty social but does not make friends easily. And she’s not much of a flirt at all. She stutters if she even gets near a cute boy.

Based on: Wendy Darling
Shipped With: Peter Jones/ Christopher Moretti

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Robert Miller | 18 | Senior | Single | Straight | Open

FC: Liam Payne

Robert or Robby Miller is the nicest and sweetest boy you will ever find. Girls just love being around him. But then again, who wouldn’t? He’s athletic, sensitive, cute, and not to mention he can sing! Growing up with three sisters, Robby was brought up to respect women and even though he gets a lot of girls he knows not to take advantage. His parents looked at him like he was perfect it was like he could do now wrong, up until he started dating the school slut. She was notorious for sleeping with just about every boy in town. Even Robby’s parents knew about her reputation so you could imagine how they reacted when they learned that their only son had been dating her. Even though they didn’t approve of his girlfriend they let Robert date her anyway but it caused a mass of tension in the Miller household.

Robert was quite popular at his old school back in England, he even had a band with four of his closest friends. But they soon broke up when one of the members left during sophomore year and another during junior year. Never the less, he and the two other boys still remained the best of mates. One day the three friends snuck out from their homes late at night to go to a party that everyone said would be “The party of the century”. Which it was, but their fun came at a price. The police were called because of the noise and a couple of kids were caught with weed on them. Those kids were arrested and among those few were one of Robby’s band mates, Jackson Evans. When Robert’s parents picked him up from the house they were extremely disappointed in him and automatically assumed that he had something to do with the drugs because of how much him and Jackson were alike, they were practically joined at the hip until that night.

After being so used to seeing their son as perfect, the incident at the party made them see Robby in a new perspective, they feared that keeping him near his old peers and girlfriend would only make things worse. But his parents didn’t know that he hadn’t even had contact with his once closest friend since the party, he had been ignoring them and blaming them for tension between him and his parents. Only a few days after the party Robby’s parents were quick to make the decision to send him off to Brunswick Boarding School, giving him a brand new start in a whole other country.

Based On: 1/3 of the Three Little Pigs
Student Since: Senior Year 

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The role of Reese McNally has been reopened

Reese McNally | 18 | Senior | Single | Straight | Open

FC: Niall Horan

Reese “The Beast” McNally is the big man on campus. He’s friends with just about everyone at Brunswick Boarding School. He’s sweet and caring, unlike other guys at this school. He grew up as an only child in a small town in Ireland. His mother worked two jobs and sometimes abused prescription drugs, she never payed attention to him. As for his father, well, he was never there to begin with. He’s never met him nor does he know who he is. When Reese was about eleven his mother was arrested for possession of drugs. He was then picked up by child services and brought to a foster home. He was passed along from home to home for a while and never stayed in one school for more than a year. It was hard to find a permanent home for him; no one wanted to adopt older children.

Because of him moving around a lot, Reese never had many friends, but that changed when he was in his first year of high school. At his new school he met a couple of guys who he became very close to for two years. They all shared the same passion for music and soon formed a band. Reese loved to sing and play guitar but he never thought about doing it professionally. All was going well for a while until the first day of sophomore year when some stupid jerks from school cornered Reese and his friends in the cafeteria. Some words were exchanged and Reese lost his temper then all hell broke lose. He left the fight with a bloody nose and a cut lip. All the boys were suspended except for Reese. Everyone saw him throw the first punch, which he did, so he was expelled. His foster parents were so angry and didn’t know what to do with him so they just sent him away to Brunswick Boarding School in America.

Based On: Beast (Beauty And The Beast)
Ship: Belle Brooklynn
Student Since: Sophomore Year

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The role of Jasmine Rashid has been reopened

Jasmine Rashid | 17 | Junior | Straight | Single | Taken

FC: Jasmine Villegas

Jasmine “Jazz” Rashid is just like her big brother, Javadd. Popular, smart, easy going, good looking, and manipulative. Jazz has a history of shoplifting and drug use, along with her brother. Some people call her a slut because she’s had boat load of boyfriends but the truth is she’s only ever slept with one boy, Flynn Vega. Her first time wasn’t anything but special. But she didn’t mind because she thought that she would be with Flynn forever. But when Jazz told him that she was pregnant, he stopped answering texts, calls, and completely ignored her. Eventually she told her father and he made her get an abortion. Her father was so disappointed with her and soon he found out about everything else she’s been up to.Everything. He was furious with her and decided to send her to Brunswick Boarding school to clean up her act. She used to be daddy’s little girl but now he can’t even look at her.

Based On: Princess Jasmine
Shipped With: Santiago Torres
Previous Relationships: Flynn Vega and Jason Tyler
Student Since: Junior Year 

2 years ago • July/21/2012